About Cosygate

Cosygate is a mini bluetooth receiver ultra-secured. You can plug it on you automation's command card and safely control it with your smartphone or tablet.

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Operating steps :


The military class electronic components and the BCM 160 bits encryption technology are reliable assets for best performance and to protect your data during the complete product life. Those ensure that stability we certify for 5 years.
The PCB is electromagnetic interferences proof for more secure use.
The product is indestructible from 9V to 40V.

bcm technology military class


Download the Cosygate's technical manual

  • Plug the Cosygate's red and blue wires on your opener's power supply. Please refer to the list below showing the most common cases. then, plug the white wires on the 'Start' input on your american opener, the 'Ouverture' input on your french opener or the 'Apri' input on you italian one.

  • Example:
    Using a 200MPS from FAAC, plug the white wires on the OP contact, plug the power wires on the positive and negative terminals on the board (the ones that are used to power the accessories) and that's all. (Note: automation's security connections are not shown on this schema, but they are mandatory. Please check your opener's manual)

  • The most common automation systems:
    We are listing wiring examples for widespread used openers. If you can't find yours, ask for it and we'll add it to the library.

Advanced functions

With your web account, you can sign up family members or friends so they can switch the automation with their smartphones...
In case of trouble, we can help you with your product.


The phone apps are in theory compatible with all the Android smartphones and iPhones of the market. Here is a list of every smartphones we tested on field conditions (with a Cosygate receiver installed on an outdoor automatic gate)

BrandModelOS Version
AppleiPhone 5iOS 10.3.3
AppleiPhone 8 plusiOS 11.2.2
AppleiPhone SEiOS 11.1.2
AppleiPhone XiOS 11.2.2
ASUSZenFone SelfieAndroid 6.0.1 MARSHMALLOW
CrosscallTrekker X1Android 4.4.2 KITKAT
HTCU11Android 7.1.1 NOUGAT
HuaweiHonor 5CAndroid 6.0 MARSHMALLOW
HuaweiHonor 9Android 7.0 NOUGAT
LenovoK6Android 7.1.1 NOUGAT
LGG3 D855Android 6.0 MARSHMALLOW
LGQ6 Alpha M700Android 7.1.1 NOUGAT
MotorolaZ2 PlayAndroid 7.1.2 NOUGAT
SamsungGalaxy A3Android 5.1.1 LOLLIPOP
SamsungGalaxy J1Android 4.4.4 KITKAT
SamsungGalaxy J5Android 6.0.1 MARSHMALLOW
SamsungGalaxy J7Android 7.0 NOUGAT
SamsungGalaxy Note 4Android 6.0.1 MARSHMALLOW
SamsungGalaxy S3Android 4.3 JELLYBEAN
SamsungGalaxy S4 MiniAndroid 4.4.2 KITKAT
SamsungGalaxy S5Android 6.0.1 MARSHMALLOW
SamsungGalaxy TAB 4Android 4.4.2 KITKAT

Certificate of compliance

Download it here (French only)